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Joint injections are used to put the medications into the joint. As we age, cartilage is made at the same rate as before, but the rate of loss increases. So the ratio gets worse, and arthritis begins to occur.

At Sebring Pain Management and Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Reid can perform injections into your joints and relieve your pain. Depending on your situation and the joint involved, your injection can be performed  in the office with fluoroscopy guidance and  sedation for your comfort.

Joint injections are usually given for various “arthritis” of the joints, usually osteoarthritis. If you are limited due to joint pain from “arthritis”, one effective treatment to decrease or eliminate your pain is joint injection.

Most patients can expect joint injections either alone or in a series to provide relief for months and even years.  Joint injections may decrease the accumulation of fluid and cells in the joint and decrease pain and stiffness.

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