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Facet injections are given directly into the facet joints to alleviate pain caused by inflammation. Even though the joints are fairly small in size, they can produce a significant amount of pain for an individual.

These joints contribute to the incredible range of motion that the spine enjoys. This includes twisting as well as flexion and extension. With aging or with trauma, the facet joints are prone to cartilage degeneration and arthritis just like other joints such as the knee or hip causing pain.  Facet joint injections of steroid medications are often given to patients with this type of pain. The injections not only provide pain relief, but they can also help the physician pinpoint exactly where the pain originates and can confirm or reject the facet joints as the source of the pain.

Depending on where the problematic facet joints are located, they can cause pain in the mid-back, ribs, chest, lower back, abdomen, buttocks, groin, or legs, neck, shoulders, and even headaches.  Request an appointment with Dr. Reid for comprehensive analysis of your pain symptoms.

Many of our patients report pain relief immediately or 1-2 days after the injection. The immediate relief is due to the local anesthetic, while the long term relief comes from the steroid.  Relief lasts a few weeks to several months.  Facet joint injections may be repeated every few months, similar to steroid injections in the shoulder or the hip.

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